Kids out West has been developed after recognising a need for a reliable, quality and child focused service for children and young people in Out of Home Care or involved in the Family Law Court system in New South Wales.

As a preferred provider of non placement support services, we offer a range of innovative, child focused and culturally appropriate services that aim to improve the outcome for children and young people.
We tailor our goal specific services to meet the clients needs and to help our future generations thrive. We specialise in providing flexible service delivery to meet the unique and challenging needs of rural and remote communities in New South Wales.

We are a child safe organisation who pride themselves on keeping the children in our care safe. We do this by having stringent recruitment practices, detailed policies and procedures and training, a zero tolerance approach to beaches of our code of conduct and strong vision and values. 

At Kids Out West, we recognise the importance of all children having a strong sense of identity and the right to feel safe and respected.
Our vision is to provide families, children and young people with the opportunity to access reliable, relevant and professional services to support, assist and enhance their ability to thrive.

This is achieved by:

  • Supporting children in having safe and child focused opportunities to spend time with parents and loved ones through supervised contact. We believe that ongoing contact with both parents and/or family members is a vital part of having a positive sense of identity and building resilience. Our focus is on ensuring that the child's best interests are paramount during these interactions.
  • Providing a culturally sensitive and supportive environment for children when emergency supervision or respite is required. We recognise that staff consistency is key to developing routine and rapport for children in these times of change in their environment.
  • Completing thorough and timely carer assessment, helping children be matched with the most appropriate carers, enhancing a child's sense of belonging and providing opportunities to thrive.
  • Creating a reliable and professional service which is seamless in its engagement, communication and referral process. We recognise the difficult and important role of caseworkers and their managers and we aim to maximise our support to them.
  • Keeping child safety at the forefront of our minds and to uphold the integrity and solid reputation Kids out West has formed.